MBA Program

The SolBridge one-year MBA program has been structured to provide a unique blend of strong conceptual foundation and practical skills. Students will be prepared to become well-rounded team players with cross-cultural competencies and a global perspective. Emphasis is on both soft and analytical skills needed for a successful managerial career.

The MBA curriculum consists of two parts: Core and specialization courses. The core part of the curriculum imparts essential business knowledge, and specialization courses allow students to gain in-depth knowledge in an area of their choice. Students may specialize in International Business, Financial Management and Marketing.

Students are required to complete a total of thirty-six (36) credit hours, comprising twelve (12) courses to graduate. Of these, nine (9) courses are core business courses, and three (3) courses are electives/specialization. Students who wish to pursue a general MBA may choose three (3) courses from any area(s) of their choice.

SolBridge also provides the opportunity for students to acquire some foreign language skills to prepare them for a globalized yet diverse world.

Category Required Credits
Core 27
Specialization 9
Total 36

MBA Curriculum

The concise syllabi are meant to give a general idea of the contents of a course. It should be used for reference purposes only as content of the actual syllabus may be different from the information presented on this page. Enrolled students should refer to the syllabi uploaded in the university's academic system (SAIS) or the syllabus distributed by faculty in class.

Core Courses Credits Syllabus
BUS503 Managerial Skills 3 View Syllabus
BUS611 Strategic Management 3 View Syllabus
BUS508 Operations Management 3 View Syllabus
FIN501 Financial Management 3 View Syllabus
MKT500 Marketing Management 3 View Syllabus
BUS509 Business Economics 3
INF500 Management Information Systems 3
FIN500 Accounting & Decision Making 3
MIB601 International Business in Asia 3

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Required Core Courses.pdf

Elective courses Study Area Credits Syllabus
MIB605B Global Strategic Management Management 3 View Syllabus
MIB613 Doing Business in China Management 3 View Syllabus
MIB616 Special Topics in International Business Management 3 View Syllabus
FIN601 Investment Analysis Finance 3 View Syllabus
FIN602 Mergers & Acquisitions Finance 3 View Syllabus
FIN609 Corporate Finance Finance 3 View Syllabus
FIN613 Financial Markets and Institutions Finance 3 View Syllabus
FIN619 Financial Derivatives Finance 3 View Syllabus
FIN635 Special Topics in Finance Finance 3 View Syllabus
MKT602 Consumer Behavior and Decision Making Marketing 3 View Syllabus
MKT613 Marketing Strategy Marketing 3 View Syllabus
MKT615 Marketing Communications and Advertising Marketing 3 View Syllabus
MKT616 International Marketing Marketing 3 View Syllabus
MKT617 Marketing Research Marketing 3 View Syllabus
MKT635 Special Topics in Marketing Marketing 3 View Syllabus
BUS640 Project Management - Management Specialization Marketing 3
MKT610 Marketing Analytics - Marketing Specialization Marketing 3

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Specialization Courses.pdf

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