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  • SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Kimberly Limanto">SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Kimberly Limanto

     This month werecognize Kimberly Limanto, SolBridge alum class of 2018 from Indonesia. Withher friends, Kimberly is a businesswoman and proud owner of a bistro calledNomu in Surabaya, Indonesia. Nomu bistro andcafé is an eatery carrying the concept of West and East fusion food withvarious appetizers, main courses, and desserts that are updated almost everyweek. Conveniently located in the west part of Surabaya, Kimberly oversees therestaurant's day-to-day operation, menu design and selection, and overallcustomer satisfaction. Before openingher own business, Kimberly's fluency in English, Korean, and Chinese got herhired by Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). KOTRA is astate-funded trade and investment organization operated by South Korea'sgovernment to support business partnerships between Indonesian global companiesand Korean companies. Driven by herdesire to have full control of her time and energy, Kimberly decided to give upher corporate life and own a business and channel her passion. Although this isher first entrepreneurial project, Kimberly has been known to her friends andfamilies for the longest time to be a culinary enthusiast. She is no strangerto having insights about specific places to eat, signature dishes in differentcorners of the cities, as well as the best way to enjoy particular kinds offood. It's not uncommon for Kimberly to travel to a foreign country to try thefood. In addition to living in Korea for four years, Kimberly also lived inSingapore and the UK – making her culinary exposure extremely rich and diverse. So when one ofher friends' online desert business took off during the pandemic, Kimberly wasroped in to use her MBA and love for food to bring the business up byestablishing an eatery offering a wide range of food instead of just brownies.Now, you can find Kimberly at Nomu every day, making sure her foods staydelicious, the customers remain happy, and the menu stays innovative.Kimberly graduatedwith a Master of Business Administration degree from SolBridge in 2018, thoughmany SolBridgers remember her fondly as the Academic Affairs Assistant on the5th floor for two years upon finishing her MBA degree.  "Owning abusiness runs in my family's genes," Kimberly said. "And Nomu bringspeople together. I'm not talking only about the customers, but also thewonderful people I work with come from different backgrounds, yet all of usshare the same passion for food", she added. While giving a tour of herrestaurant, she pointed out that chefs at Nomu have experience working andstudying in Bali, Japan, Korea, and many more. Please checkout Nomu's IG account _justnomu, and don't forget to visit Kimberly andtry Nomu's food when you visit Surabaya! 


  • SolBridge hosts 10th edition of annual International Business Plan Competition">SolBridge hosts 10th edition of annual International Business Plan Competition

     From November 21 – 25th, 2022, 24 teams from SolBridgeand our global partner universities gathered online to participate in theSolBridge International Business Plan Competition (IBPC) 2022. A total of 96undergraduate students from 17 universities around the world worked on areal-world business problem delivered by BIONEER – Korea's leadingbiotechnology company. At the beginning of the competition, Mr. Chang Hoon Kang,BIONEER’s Head of Strategic Planning, gave a brief overview of the company, itscore products, and its global footprint in over 100 countries, beforepresenting the case that participants would need to work on over the followingdays.In line with BIONEER's global pipeline expansion vision,the groups had to develop a business model and go-to-market strategy forBIONEER's next cash cow based on one of three proposed products/services, thesebeing: Global Oligo Synthesis Center; IRON-qPCR™; and COSMERNA. In addition tothe topic release, and to enable participants to tackle the case, SolBridgeProfessor Hyojin Nam delivered a special lecture on Global Marketing. The teamsthen had three days to research new markets and develop a business plan fortheir selected service. After the preliminary round, eight teams moved on to thefinal round. Indonesia's Team Anagata from BINUS University won first place with their visionfor "Realizing India's National Digital Health Mission with BIONEER'sIRON-qPCR™'. Their investigation into such detailed aspects as regulatorycompliance and national diplomacy impressed the judges. SolBridge's team GlobalBridge came in second. The team demonstrated theirresourcefulness in determining the best location for BIONEER's expansion andsuggesting a practical market penetration strategy for the company’sIRON-qPCR™. Their value proposition focused on 'increasing the quality ofpatient treatment by accurately detecting multiple infections at a time, savingworkers' time through full automation and multiplex testing, and receivingresults in 30 minutes.' Winning third place, Team FICT Consulting from TheUniversity of Porto, Portugal, demonstrated a human-centric approach with their'Bio-Near' business plan for BIONEER's IRON-qPCR™. Their plan focused on howBIONEER could bring IRON-qPCR to market profitably and innovatively.Participating teams also took part in an IntroductionVideo Contest that was won by India's Dream Team from Woxsen University. The team won based on theircreativity, professionalism, and the number of likes generated on social media.The SolBridge IBPC continues to present an opportunityfor participants to test their practical skills on real business cases, workunder pressure, and network with students from different countries.We thank our esteemed partner universities below forparticipating in this competition and look forward to next year's edition.●     Bangkok University, Thailand●     BINUS University, Indonesia●     EDEM Business School, Spain●     Foreign Trade University, Vietnam●     HUTECH University, Vietnam●     Kokand University, Uzbekistan●     Miriam College, Philippines●     Presidency University, India●     Rabat Business School, Morocco      ●     Korea University, South Korea●     Universidad Santo Tomás, Colombia●     University of Finance & Economics, Mongolia●     University of Porto, Portugal●     VNUK Institute for Research & ExecutiveEducation, Vietnam●     Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University,Indonesia●    WoxenUniversity, India 


  • SolBridge Holds its annual Job Fair 2022">SolBridge Holds its annual Job Fair 2022

      On November 10,SolBridge hosted 28 Korean and global companies for its annual job fair, thefirst to be held offline since 2019. Companies representing different fields,from Technology, Logistics, and Human Resources to Healthcare, highlighted andintroduced themselves to potential candidates.Over 170students participated in on-the-spot interviews, career counseling and attendedspecial lectures by HR professionals on sourcing global talent and working inKorea as foreigners. Additionally, SolBridge alums that successfully foundemployment in Korea shared their experiences with the current students.  Before the fair,students received career advice and tailored sessions on the cover letter andresume writing organized by SolBridge Career Development Center (CDC).SolBridgestrives to provide various networking opportunities and industry placements forstudents in terms of internships to polish their skills and knowledge as theyprepare to enter the job market. “The biggest difference of this year’s eventis that it is a customized recruitment fair between selected companies that areinterested in recruiting excellent local and foreign talent and job seekers,”said Prof. Han Joon-Ki, Director of SolBridge CDC. Additionally, the fair wasan opportunity for foreign talent to learn more about the work culture andskills that Korean companies look out for in recruitment.  Some participatingcompanies include Adecco Korea, Dongwon Industries, Gucci Korea, andGE Healthcare, BIONEER, and Surplus Global. 


  • SolBridge Culture Day 2022">SolBridge Culture Day 2022

     This month on Wednesday, 12 October 2022, the SolBridgecommunity gathered together after a 2-year break to celebrate our globalcommunity in its annual event, Culture Day. Currently home to students andprofessors from over 70 nationalities, SolBridgers came together to showcasebits of their culture in traditional attires and music and dance performances.SolBridge Culture Day provides a safe space for students to share their customsand traditions as they work in multinational teams and strive to achieve acommon goal.This year’s event was unlike no other; it was organized incollaboration with the Daejeon UCLG (United Cities & Local Governments)world summit hosted in Daejeon. The congress aims to promote partnershipsbetween communities and cities to promote active sustainable development andprovide a platform to voice local concerns globally.  SolBridge is delighted that this Culture Day was afundamental part of the “We Care” World Citizen’s Festival held in celebrationof the UCLG. Over 200 SolBridge students from various nationalities joinedCulture Day as performers and organizers, showcasing their ethnicities andcultural identity through traditional performances. Students took viewersaround the world with performances from 12 countries, including; Bangladesh,Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Russia,South Korea, and Vietnam. The performances drew thousands of onlookers (both localsand foreigners) who enjoyed the traditions and customs on display and gained adeeper insight into cultural differences.In their remarks, the President of Woosong University, Dr.Deog-Seong Oh, and the Dean of SolBridge International School of Business,Prof. Joshua Park, reiterated the importance of celebrating our diversity,equity, and inclusion and the significance of this day at SolBridge.  As SolBridge strives to raise the Next Generation ofleaders, we hope that SolBridge students can cherish these opportunities andlearning experiences gained outside the classroom through events like these andpartnerships with local communities.  



  • SolBridge Hosts IISMAVO Indonesian Government Scholarship Award Students">SolBridge Hosts IISMAVO Indonesian Government Scholarship Award Students

     This Fall 2022 semester, SolBridge International School ofBusiness is honored to be chosen as a host institution for six IndonesianInternational Student Mobility Awards Vocational Edition (IISMAVO) programawardees.The IISMAVO program is the Government of the Republic ofIndonesia's scholarship scheme to fund Indonesian undergraduate students formobility programs at universities overseas, undertaking courses taught byprofessors with experience from various industries. A total of 14 scholarshipawardees get to take classes at Woosong's multiple programs, includingSolBridge. On top of being free to undertake different subjects outside theirfields of study regardless of their backgrounds. Six students enjoy their livesas SolBridgers while experiencing South Korea's culture and undertakingpractical assignments to enhance their skills.For this scholarship scheme, the Government of theRepublic of Indonesia identified 46 host universities in the followingcountries: South Korea, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Hungary, France, Australia,Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany, and Turkey to send students coming from diversebackgrounds in Indonesia. SolBridge meets the host university criteria set bythe Indonesian government, thanks to the SolBridge BBA curriculum that focuseson analytical thinking, leadership capabilities, and networking opportunities.Besides, SolBridge's extracurricular activities provide the students withopportunities to learn in collaboration with the industry and gain workexperience and industry/business insights. The following students: Gisell Tommy, Sharleen Samara,Virli Amelia Ika, Karin Regita Swastika, Aqni Septiana Sutanto, who arecurrently enjoying their time at SolBridge's BBA program, had to go throughhighly selective processes to be awarded this scholarship scheme, which coversfull semester tuition fee, living expenses and travels to and from South Korea. 


  • SolBridge Debate Society once again crowned Champions">SolBridge Debate Society once again crowned Champions

     SolBridge Debate Society (SDS) represented by Nathanaël Couvidatand Chaewon Kim, has earned itself another championship title. KyungHee University hosted the Fall 2022 KIDA RT tournament onSeptember 24 - 25. This rookie tournament hosted teams from top schools inKorea, such as Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Korea University,Sogang University, Hanyang University, Kyunghee University, Ewha University,and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. This competition followed the BritishParliamentary format of debate. Each round of debate sees four teams (two perteam) competing against each other to win first place. Teams battled through four preliminary rounds before a selectnumber of groups advanced into the elimination rounds based on skill,persuasiveness, and strength of argument. Two SDS teams broke into theelimination rounds: SDS1 (Nguyen Quoc Trung Duc and Sulagna Banerjee) and SDS2(Nathaneal Couvidat and Chaewon Kim). SDS1 successfully moved up the ranks andbowed out in the semi-finals, and SDS 2 faced 3 Seoul National teams in thegrand finals and emerged victorious.  Congratulations to the teams and our team judge (Joanna Srun)for again displaying the strength of SDS against other top schools.Congratulations to the SDS coaching team, Professor Joshua Park, ProfessorDanielle Swanepoel, and Professor Chris Jo. 


  • SolBridge Hosts Start-up Customer Testing and Networking Day">SolBridge Hosts Start-up Customer Testing and Networking Day

     On September 16, 2022, SolBridge was delightedto host a Customer Testing and Networking event for 13 start-ups in variousfields, including Healthcare, Web 3, and Education, under the ShinhanSquarebridge Daejeon Ignition Program by 500 Global Korea. The start-ups are looking to establish theirentrepreneurial ventures in Daejeon and are currently participating in a16-week program to support rising South Korean talents aspiring to solve globalchallenges with their tech solutions. This initiative is led by ShinhanFinancial Group and 500 Global Korea, a venture capital company that invests in theearly stages of fast-growing technology startups, focusing on markets wheretechnology, innovation, and capital can generate long-term value and driveeconomic growth.  This event allowed the start-ups to test theirprototypes with potential customers, investors, and accelerators and receivefeedback valuable in transforming their business ideas into functionalbusinesses. Additionally, SolBridge students aspiring to start theirentrepreneurial journey had the opportunity to network and learn and receive inspirationfrom the founders.   


  • Two SolBridge Students and Teammates Win Daejeon City Start-up Challenge">Two SolBridge Students and Teammates Win Daejeon City Start-up Challenge

      On July 15,2022, Daejeon City launched its first Start-up Challenge – DaejeonInternational Innovators (DI2) – to bring together international students fromacross the city to actualize their entrepreneurial ideas to life. Hosted by theDaejeon Institute of Science & Technology for Enterprise & People(DiSTEP) and supported by Global Start-up Immigration Center, the program was athree-month journey that culminated on September 17, 2022. SolBridgeInternational School of Business undergraduate student, Ms. Vivian RodriguesMendes from Brazil, alongside her team members Mr. Ravi Shankar Pandit (KDISchool of Public Policy & Management) and Mr. Huseyin Dinc (KAIST), securedthe grand prize in the DI2 program with their tech idea of DaePlay. DaePlay is asocial networking mobile platform [multi-lingual] that aims to connectinternational students as well as Korean students and vice versa in SouthKorea. Through this application, students will be able to locate the nearestsports and entertainment facilities, communicate with fellow members of theircommunity, and find like-minded individuals to befriend. The team of DaePlay isworking on launching the application in 2023. In second placewas SolBridge Master's student Mr. Ignatius Hanny Sugiarto from Indonesia,together with his team members Dr. Saifur Rahman Sabuj (Hanbat NationalUniversity), Dr. Abdul Manan Khan (Hanbat National University), and Mr. MamadouAbdoulaye Gueye (Daejeon University) for their “Automated AI Drone with DiseaseRecognition for Agriculture Purpose" idea.Their ideafocuses on providing services to the agriculture industries in the area of cropdisease early detection. In farming, prevention and early detection of diseasesand pests are critical to a successful harvest. Using AI-based mapping, theteam uses automated drones to scan crop fields and identify plants' potentialthreats before they spread out.Congratulationsto the winning teams! 


  • [우송대학교] 솔브릿지국제경영대학 | 상대학 특) 여기가 국내인지 해외인지 구분 불가">[우송대학교] 솔브릿지국제경영대학 | 상대학 특) 여기가 국내인지 해외인지 구분 불가


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