Admission Scholarship

SolBridge International School of Business offers financial aid in the form of admission scholarships. Scholarships are granted on a case by case basis depending on the applicant’s English level, academic standing, and extracurricular activities. Admission scholarships are given for tuition only and typically range from 30 - 70% of the cost of tuition. In extraordinary circumstances, a financial tuition grant of 100% may be granted

Duration of the Admission Scholarship

Admissions Scholarships are valid for the following periods:

  • BBA and Transfer Students – One Semester
  • Masters Regular and Transfer Students - One Semester

Once students’ Admissions Scholarship expires, the scholarship percentage for each semester will be based upon earning a higher Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) or Combined Grade Point Average (CBGPA) following the Scholarship Bracket below:

CGPA or CBGPA (Higher of Two) Scholarship Percentage
4.5 100%
4.25 – 4.49 70%
4.00 – 4.24 60%
3.75 – 3.99 40%
3.60 – 3.74 30%

All scholarships are tuition based. There is no financial aid available for living expenses. This includes the dormitory, costs of meals, books, medical insurance, student activity fees, and other living expenses. Even if an applicant is granted a scholarship, they still must be able to pay for their other expenses.

*Scholarship maintenance policies are subject to change by SolBridge Scholarship Committee.

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