President and Vice Chancellor

I wish to welcome each and every student, faculty member, and staff to SolBridge International School of Business. We have established an institution with a well-deserved reputation for educational excellence, innovation and creativity, and have had official recognition of that fact by gaining accreditation from AACSB, originally in May of 2014 and most recently again in March of 2019. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business is the premier business school accreditation institution in the world and only accredits 5% of the world’s business schools. Only seventeen other colleges in Korea hold that ranking and we were the first private university outside of the Seoul metropolitan area to be so recognized. In addition, we received what is called a CK-1 award from the Ministry of Education for having the best globalization program in all Korea. Importantly, that came with a five-year five million dollar grant and a 1.25 million dollar bonus for being first. Thus, you can see that I consider it a great honor to lead this school that has already accomplished so much, and will strive to continue the course already clearly established in the academic world. In the case of SolBridge International School of Business, we have decided to join together to continue a journey into the 21st century that will be exciting, productive, and academically rewarding.

While the faculty and staff of both institutions (Woosong University and SolBridge) will bring our collective experiences and skills together to focus on student career preparation, the students will take these offerings and from the many different perspectives present, mold them into individual career patterns that we hope will be rewarding in themselves and to society as well. I am happy to be given the opportunity to lead SolBridge International School of Business as it begins its thirteenth year and stands on the shoulders of the accomplishments of the Woosong Educational Foundation. Created in 1954, the foundation has sponsored educational programs and experiences at all levels of instruction. Since 1995, when Woosong University was founded, it has earned a reputation for excellence which is justly earned. In fact, last year Woosong University received the coveted title as a Self-Autonomous University – the top rank of universities in Korea. It was also designated as a Software Focused University which will add to its ability to meet the educational needs of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The combination of SolBridge and Woosong produces a powerful base for educational excellence. It is my pleasure to extend my congratulations to the Woosong Educational Foundation as it begins its 65th year contributing to the youth of Korea, Asia and the world.

With your assistance and wholehearted support, I intend to use the uniquely different aspects of SolBridge International School of Business to gain further worldwide attention for our faculty and provide students with rewarding experiences. An innovative satellite model envisages SolBridge and Woosong campuses in other parts of Asia to include Central and Southeast Asia. A progressive and highly integrated business education program will demonstrate what can be done as we strive for an even more prosperous Asia-Pacific region based on the Woosong Foundations basic principles: integrity, excellence, creativity, diversity, flexibility, and innovation.

As you can see, I firmly believe in the SolBridge method of applied education and training for international business. We sit at the hub of Asia in this dynamic and energetic nation that stands as an example for the world to emulate. Our goal will be to jointly bring education that is both applied and theoretical to the eyes of the rest of Korea, Asia, and the World. Our mission is to Educate the Next Generation of Asian Thought Leaders, and here in Daejeon, SolBridge is the institution dedicated to doing just that - producing the best participants possible for the global economy. It is my desire to ensure that each and every graduate will be well-rounded and ready to accept the challenges that the future will offer. It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to SolBridge International School of Business where we will work together for your personal success as well as a better world.



John E. Endicott, Ph.D.
President and Vice Chancellor, Woosong University
Professor Emeritus, Georgia Tech
Former SES-4, US Department of Defense
Colonel, USAF, Retired
Honorary Doctorate, Toulouse University, France

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