Clubs & Organizations

SolBridge Consulting Group’s (SCG)

SolBridge Consulting Group’s (SCG) vision is to become the connection of our BBA & MBA students between various industries. SCG members conduct and develop research on key business issues and construct business plans based on their global insights. SCG is open to business projects of large to small organizations from any industry or country.

FC SolBridge

FC SolBridge is a football club, where everybody who wants to play football is welcome. FC SolBridge is one of the most multicultural clubs in SolBridge, every semester we have a variety of people from different countries. Club members not only play football for fun but also gain or improve their skills and techniques through the training sessions.

Morama Club

Movie Club is an organization of SolBridge students who like to watch and discuss feature films. Through watching movies, students can share their unique ideas, find the meanings behind, and discuss how the movie can influence us and how we learn from it.

Music Club

Provides music performances on every event organized by the Student Council

SolChristian Fellowship(SCF)

SCF strives to provide a supportive community for Christians in SolBridge from all walks of life. We come together to have a time of sharing, fellowship and get to know the Bible better. A typical session consists of a time of worship and prayer, time of sharing and Bible Study.

SCF provided all the students the true fellowship that can actually encourage students and help them to overcome the personal difficulties that he or she faced. Our goal is to be united in God as a family.

D2 Crew

In order to make student’s life more joyful and interesting, dancing club gives a good chance for students to experience the wonder of dance and joy of performing in different in several University’s events.

SolBridge Debate Society

Club where debaters discuss the latest and greatest developments around the world using rhetoric and logic as the medium.


The purpose of Sol-Caring club is to increase Cross-Cultural Awareness, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Asian Expertise. Members learn about the Asian culture through their interaction with Korean people. Moreover, members can feel the importance of other cultural awareness and develop the ability to take care of others. The club creates the new socially responsible generation of SolBridge students.


An organization on campus that works to engage the student body in a common interest of photography. Members learn the necessary skills of Photography and Photoshop.

SOL-INK Magazine

In the purpose of promoting SolBridge, students will write articles and post them online. At the end of the semester, a few of these articles will be published

Volleyball Club

Volleyball club shows the spirit and friendship among the students in SolBridge. The club has two practices in a week. During training, all members have equal opportunity to participate and play. At the end of the semester, as is the tradition, club members gather together for dinner.

Sol-Sports Club

The Sol-Sports Club is designed to serve individual interests in different sports and recreational activities. These interests can be competitive, recreational or instructional. Sol-Sports Club represents SolBridge in intercollegiate competition (Woosong Sports Day) and conducts intra-club activities such as practice, instruction, social and tournament play.

SolBridge Negotiation Club

Would you like to improve your negotiation skills? Then the Business Negotiation Club is what you are looking for. It provides an opportunity for young people to become better negotiators while offering a fun experience. The club passionately believes that few skills are more crucial in business life like the ability to negotiate your desired outcome.

Basketball Club

SolBridge basketball team provides competitive basketball opportunities beyond just intramurals. Previous experience playing the game is highly encouraged, preferably at a varsity level. The club aims to play with other collegiate club basketball teams in the surrounding region.

The Oratory Club

The Club is for those who want to develop their public speaking skills as well as presentation skills which might be crucial for the future career success. The Oratory Club provides a great opportunity to overcome the fear of speaking in front of the audience.


Start-up business club


A club for learning about computer performance for business and personal interest

SolBridge Table Tennis Club

The club helps members learn the basics of Table Tennis and provides a platform for the different players to compete


The club strives to make students empowered and confident “in their skins” the club provides master classes of memorable and fabulous looks.

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