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Garance Cazé, Student Council Associate

Category : | Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2017.06.15 | Hit : 2,116



My name is Garance Cazé, but here, everyone calls me Esper. I am a French exchange student from l’Institut Paul Bocuse. When I first arrived in Daejeon, I felt homesick as many other exchange students. But now, when I realize my semester is almost over, I have a nostalgic feeling. For six months, SolBridge has been my home, and SolBridgers, my family. 

My experience at SolBridge started with the orientation week, and I remember how amazed I was to meet so many people from different countries, and how fascinated I was by the facilities. As the weeks went by, I discovered that it was a great environment to study and I was impressed by the professionalism and the friendliness of our teachers, mentors, staff, and classmates. SolBridge is not only a school of business, but it is also a hub of good willing and great personalities. And since the Orientation week, I feel like being part of SolBridge is something I can be proud of! 

The most striking and memorable thing about SolBridge for me was the amazing campus life. My semester at SolBridge was rhythmed by many excursions, parties, movies, concerts, lectures and other kinds of events organized by the school and the Student Council. I enjoyed any single week at SolBridge because it was a propitious place to learn but also a beautiful place to live.

 Thank you SolBridge for this great experience, and thank you SolBridgers for making me feel like I belong here.