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Alex Tarditi, MBA Student from France

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My name is Alex, I am French and currently doing an MBA dual degree at SolBridge International School of Business. I transferred from the business school of ESC Clermont in France.

The rise of Asia and China has always fascinated me. I stayed in China for two years before coming to South Korea, and I am very interested in Asia that represents the future of the world’s economy. I chose South Korea, which is nowadays the eleventh economic power in the world, to be the next step of my education. Now that I understand East Asia, I would be very interested in working in the marketing field here in Korea to help French companies penetrate the market.

SolBridge is one of the best schools in Korea, so I chose to come here to study an MBA amongst other possibilities. I am proud to have made this choice as I learned so much from SolBridge. The school has a very international nature of students, and it helped me understand each part of the Asian culture. Thanks to that, I have got a full East Asian expertise. Furthermore, I got cross-cultural competencies as well as global business skills.

Passionate about sales and marketing, I value the knowledge I have acquired. It will for sure drive my career efficiently as I have a full understanding of the Asian market due to the teaching methods at SolBridge and its international team of professors. Besides, I would like to say that my communication skills have improved as a result of participating in the Debate Club. The SolBridge Debate Society is well renowned in Korea and has won plenty of championships. Mr. A.J. Carver, one of our mentors, particularly impressed me by with his teaching style.


Finally, I would like to mention that after graduation I will fully use the legacy of the SolBridge’s teaching environment and will always stay a SolBridger!


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