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SolBridge Alumni Highlight: Soan Jung

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This month we are proud to recognize Soan Jung, who enrolled in SolBridge back in 2011. She is now working at one of the leading tech companies in South Korea, Samsung Electronics, as an interpreter and translator. This interview is conducted with the help of SolBridge Alumni Association.




Q1. Can you please introduce a little bit about yourself?

Hello, I'm Soan Jung. I'm delighted to introduce myself and share a bit about what I do. I currently work with the People Team at Samsung Electronics as an interpreter and translator. My responsibilities include providing simultaneous interpretation for company-wide events and handling translation tasks related to HR issues. This encompasses areas such as DEI, human rights, employee relations, HR management, corporate culture, and more.


Q 2. Interpreting seems to be a role that serves as a bridge between people. When is your proudest moment?

My core responsibility is to make everyone in the room understand. Connecting minds and thoughts through words is more challenging than it sounds. Ironically, my proudest moments come when people seamlessly absorb the interpretation without realizing it. Achieving this requires language fluency, thorough research, field expertise, effective delivery skills, and various other factors


Q 3. Why did you become an interpreter?

I started my career as a project manager at an IT company. Being an interpreter was part of my work as a PM and I enjoyed the fact that my language skills contributed to business outcomes. Also, as I was surrounded by engineers and designers, I always wanted to find and develop my expertise. And that’s why I decided to go to Seoul University of Foreign Studies for a Master's in Professional Interpretation and Translation.




Q 4. What does SolBridge mean to you?

SolBridge definitely brightened up my twenties. It's more than just a school; it is where I met my life-long friends and mentors, experienced debate for the first time, broadened my perspectives, and enjoyed every single moment to the fullest.


Q 5. Advice to SolBridgers.

Cherish every experience. There were, and still are, moments when I felt lost. However, in hindsight, I think it's little dots that guided me to make major decisions. Embrace all experiences to the fullest, putting 100% of yourself into each one. Whether you enjoyed it or not, whether you succeeded or failed, you will be surprised to see how those little dots can turn into a precious gem.


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