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MBA Student’s Experience at SolBridge

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 Chuka Victor Chukwu, a recent MBA graduate at SolBridge and Valedictorian for the Spring 2020 graduating class, shares his student experience.


“I am Chuka Victor Chukwu, a finance MBA major while at SolBridge. At the undergraduate level, I studied maritime management technology and chemical engineering at the Federal University of Technology Owerri and the University of Lagos, Nigeria, respectively. After a few years of work, I wanted a program that would prepare me for my future as an investor and an entrepreneur. I chose the MBA program at SolBridge because it is AACSB accredited, diverse, and relatively affordable. I also heard some positive reviews from some of my Nigerian predecessors in South Korea.

Prior to SolBridge, I tried to study in the US and Finland, but financial and time constraints hampered those plans. And this led me to search for a new program in one of the world’s most innovative countries: South Korea. I received a 95% scholarship upon admission due to my academic history, English language proficiency (TOEFL – 116/120), and some community development projects I executed in Nigeria. However, I had to maintain or improve this scholarship during the program, which included many talented individuals with similar goals. It took hard work and sacrifice as nothing good comes easy. My first semester grades were crucial as they helped me set some academic standards.

Overall, my experience was an eye-opener to new realities. Never have I been part of such a multicultural setup, and this has given me a more global mindset as I hear people’s stories from all over the world and get to tell mine as well. It was also academically demanding, which, unsurprisingly, is a core part of any robust MBA program.

I appreciate my fellow graduates with whom I partook in the SolBridge experience. The world needs more innovative minds now more than ever, and if we can overcome fear and pursue our dreams with fervent passion, our little successes in life can add up to something significant for our planet. As for our successors, I urge them to be very openminded, try out new things, raise the bar even higher, and have fun.  

Faith and sacrifice have always been my watchwords. I always believe in myself; I work hard for my goals, and in moments of doubt, which are inevitable, I try to draw motivation from periods where I overcame. It has indeed been a great pleasure.”




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