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SolBridge Global Leadership Camp 2017

Category : [2017]| Writer : Sharon Nabwire | Date : 2017.05.19 | Hit : 19,940


 Every year, SolBridge conducts a leadership camp where students have the opportunity to improve their leadership skills surrounded by colleagues. The workshop is led by an industry professional who helps students overcome various obstacles in a team building environment.

Last weekend, twenty-two SolBridge students attended the Global Leadership Camp held in Muju. The purpose of the camp helped students understand the importance of Leadership by learning the fundamentals of leadership, including prioritizing, decision-making, and forecasting for the future.

Through lectures, discussions, and activities, students learned how to facilitate the creative meeting process (one of the best ways to practice leadership through authority), by generating ideas for ideal leadership characteristics and by identifying areas for improvement in order to become effective leaders. Furthermore, through team activities, each student had the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a leader in charge. Participants and high performing teams were recognized with certificates.

The workshop was facilitated by the Global Talent Management Institute (GTMI), a non-profit organization which aims to develop global competencies on all aspects of society. GTMI helps young talent realize their goals and dreams in order to help organizations succeed globally with world-class training and educational programs.





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