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Category : | Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2017.01.19 | Hit : 4,551
When I look back at what I have achieved at SolBridge so far after three years, I feel content and am amazed by how significant the life is here. I clearly remembered how Solbridge's facilities and study environment caught my attention the first time I came here. By the time the welcome session was over, I felt that I had become a true SolBridger. I was also impressed by how close the relationship between professors, facility staff and students could be.

  This school creates an awesome foundation for us to thrive and absorb knowledge. Whenever we need help, friendly facility members are there to guide us. In addition, SolBridge uses a western style teaching system, which helps to inspire creative thinking and build confidence. Students here are taught to become excellent public speakers and there is ample opportunity to practice this skill. Maybe this is why I am told that I have charisma, but to be honest, I believe SolBridgers are the most charismatic people I know.

  Thanks to SolBridge, I feel like I have been able to become the best me that I can be. I cherish my college experience and I am excited about the bright future SolBridge is preparing me for!

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