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SolBridge’s Deputy Director of Admissions, Mr. Stephen Jacques, visits Nanshan Middle School

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Last week SolBridge’s Deputy Director of Admissions, Mr. Stephen Jacques, visited Nanshan Middle School which is situated in the educational city of Mian Yang in China. There Mr. Jacques gave classes on narrative writing, forming opinions and responding to articles to students enrolled in a SolBridge preparatory course. After two days of intense classes, Mr. Jacques participated in a TV interview discussing Solbridge. The Picture shows Mr. Jacques with the students who are taking the preparatory course.

Nanshan Middle School has over 10 000 students and is a sought after high school because of the high success rate students have at entering top Chinese universities and overseas universities. School starts at 7.30 am and school ends at 10pm. SolBridge has had a partnership with Nanshan Middle School from 2008 and over 20 of its former students have been admitted into SolBridge. The high school allows select students to take special courses which will help better prepare them to study at SolBridge International School of Business.

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