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SolBridge Students' Day Trip to Yongin Folk Village

Category : | Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2022.08.08 | Hit : 5,512


On May 21, 2022, SolBridge students had a day's excursion to Yongin Folk Village in Gyeonggi-do. This excursion was the first trip organized by SolBridge Student Council after a two-year break during the pandemic. Yongin Folk village introduces to its visitors the traditional culture from the late Joseon dynasty through classes and experiences. Konstantin Ivanov, one of the students that participated in this trip, shares his experience.



"When I heard of the Yongin Folk Village excursion organized by the Student Council, I was very excited since this was our first school-organized trip since the pandemic. The preparation and promotions started long before the actual day. Initially, we were required to reserve tickets to the trip through a google form before making the actual payments which were well coordinated and organized.


The two-hour journey from Daejeon was smooth and comfortable, not to mention the favorable Spring temperature, which was ideal for traveling. This visit to Yongin was not only exciting but also informative. I had the chance to discover and learn more about Korean culture; Seeing old-styled houses, watching traditional shows and performances, joining DIY workshops, and making Korean souvenirs increased my appreciation for Korean culture. Besides, I liked that we could move freely and explore on our own and only had to be at the appointed time and place at the end of the excursion to return home. I had a great time and hope there will be more of these events to broaden our mental boundaries.


I want to express my gratitude to the SolBridge Student Council for a brilliant job."



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