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  • [우송대학교] 재학생이 말하는 솔브릿지의 비밀이 궁금하다구?!">[우송대학교] 재학생이 말하는 솔브릿지의 비밀이 궁금하다구?!


  • [VLOG] 솔브릿지 생활이 궁금해?">[VLOG] 솔브릿지 생활이 궁금해?


  • Yahya Saskia Rachelly, Masters Valedictorian, Spring 2023">Yahya Saskia Rachelly, Masters Valedictorian, Spring 2023

      Masters valedictoriancongratulatory remarks during the Spring 2023 commencement ceremony. “Ladies andgentlemen, esteemed faculty members, proud parents, and my fellow graduates, allow me to introduce myself first. To all of my friendsthat know me, Hi.But for those whohave met me for the first time today. Nice to meet you all. My name is Rachell, and I amdeeply honored to stand before you today as the valedictorian of SolBridge'smaster's program. Allow me toemphasize that this moment we gather to celebrate today is not solely atestament to my personal accomplishments, but rather a profoundreflection of the dedication and perseverance of our entire graduating class. Together, we haveovercome challenges, pursued our goals, and arrived at this remarkable milestone in ouracademic journey.Two years ago, myjourney with SolBridge began, originating from Jakarta, Indonesia, a city that maynot be small but is still classified as a developing country. I must admit thatdecidingto pursue my master's degree was quite a struggle. Life in Jakarta,my beloved home, offered a sense of comfort, accompanied by a cherished group ofclose friends. I had a stable job in a field that brought me immensehappiness. I was determined to spend the rest of my life just like that, comfortable.But it was my father's unwavering belief in my potential that made me chooseto do a master's degree. Though stepping out of my comfort zone was terrifying,I couldn't bear the thought of disappointing my father. Reluctantly, I left behind my comfortable life and steppedon a new adventure in a foreign land, South Korea.And let me tell you, leaving behind everything familiar was not easy.The fear of the unknown lurked within me, and of course, doubts started creepingin. As I arrived in South Korea,a wave of emotions washed over me. I was alone in a foreign country, surroundedby a language and culture that were entirely new to me. But it was during thesemoments of uncertainty that I discovered that I am not as weak as I saw myself to be. And so, with a mix of excitement andapprehension, I embraced this new chapter in my life.Littledid I know that this decision would shape the best, most wonderful years of mylife, filled with the most unforgettable memories. Frommultiple field trips arranged by the school, our culture day where wegathered to celebrate our differences, to our very last sports day where we allcame together to support SolBridge. These are all memories that will stick withmethroughout my life.A famous quote by Ralph Waldo says that life is notabout the Destination, It's about the journey. ButI think differently, it's not the destination nor the journey that matters most, it is the company and connection we forge along theway that truly matters.So, allow me to take a few precious moments of your timeto express my heartfelt gratitude to theindividuals who have meant the world to me throughout these past two years.To my dearestfriends, Callista, Tiffany, Kevin, Lucia, Chilly, Rima, and Yurika We were brought togetherby chance, individuals from different backgrounds and from different parts of the world, butwe quickly became a family. Through countless conversations, shared laughter, andtears, we became each other's pillars of strength, navigating the uncertaintiesandchallenges of this new chapter together. You transformed South Korea into aplace I could proudly call home, and I will forever cherish our bond we share.Although life'sunpredictable journey may lead us to distant corners of the world, separated by vast oceans,and the convenience of a simple phone call may no longer be at our disposal, mysincere hope is that we will remain connected and never lose touch. I envision a future where wereunite, years from now, with hearts full of incredible stories to share. May the world embraceyou with the same kindness and warmth that you have bestowed upon me.Next to my veryspecial friend, Younggwang, thank you for being my anchor, my source of strength in theface of uncertainty. Thank you for showing me the beauty of South Korea and for makingevery day an adventure. Your selflessness has touched my heart in ways I neverthought possible.And I also want tothank the reason I am here right now, my parents.Dad,for as long as I can remember, you have been my superhero. My dad came from a small village inIndonesia, his father or in other words my grandfather sold glasses on the side of the road.My grandfather did not have the privilege of completing high school, yet my father, throughunwavering dedication, has worked tirelessly every single day to ensure that I have everyopportunity to pursue my dreams. My dad has been a constant source of encouragement,always urging me to aim for the stars because he believes in me more than I could everbelieve in myself. Therefore, I want to take this moment to express myheartfelt gratitude to you, Dad. Everything I have become, everything I am, andeverything I will be is because of yourunwavering support and love. I am eternally grateful to have you as my father,To my mom, yourwisdom and guidance have been my compass, whether it was offering insights into thecomplexities of the world or imparting practical knowledge, your advice has been a source ofstrength and a beacon of light. But it's not just the advice itself that has made such animpact; it's the fact that it comes from you, my role model. You have shown me what it meansto be a strong and independent woman and always lead by example.Little Sister, Azzura,you are my radiant sunshine that brightens my days, the source of endless laughter thatfills my heart, and my eternal friend. Even though distance may separate us at times, you haveconsistently been a presence in my life, lighting up my world with your infectious joy.And my fellow graduates,This ceremony marks a significant milestone, but as cliche as it sounds,it is just the beginning of our whole life. But I am here to remind youto take your time. In our fast-paced world, there is often a sense of urgency toachieve more, do more, and be more. We are constantly bombardedwith messages that emphasize the need to have it all figured out right aftergraduation. But let me tell you that our very different lives will move at verydifferent paces. There is no line to cross when you're 24 or 34,no box you need to check, no list you need to fulfill. All plants sprout and growat different rates in different climates into different shapes,and what is buried deep inside the soil may take a while to be seen. Take your owntime.Lifeis not a race to some predetermined finish line. It is about savoring the smallvictories, embracing the detours, and learning from the setbacks.It is about finding meaning in the everyday and being present in each preciousmoment.Happinessis not a prize to be won but a path to be walkedAndwhile we're at it let us support one another in our individual quests forhappiness and success. Let us celebrate our unique journeys andremember that success is measured by how deeply we have lived and howauthentically we have embraced our own truth.Yourgreatest days are not behind you but are yet to come! Thank you.”Yahya SaskiaRachelly, Masters Valedictorian, Spring 2023 


  • Hanne Hopp: BBA Valedictorian, Class of Spring 2023">Hanne Hopp: BBA Valedictorian, Class of Spring 2023

    BBA Valedictorian congratulatoryremarks during the Spring 2023 commencement ceremony. “Good morning, professors, facultymembers, students, families, and friends, but most of all Graduating class ofSpring 2023. We did it! Prior to my arrival in South Korea, I took the initiativeto immerse myself in the country's culture, to avoid any Korean culture shock. However, upon my arrival at SolBridge,I did not get any Korean culture shock instead I got Uzbek shock, Vietnameseshock, Kazakh shock, Mongolian Shock, and many more. The impact of these shocks hit mekind of hard. The narrowed-minded-old me at that time was forced to reassessand broaden my worldview. I didn't know it at that time, butgetting all these types of different shocks from different parts of the worldis the best thing that could have happened to me.  Many of us embarked on this educationaljourney at an early stage, choosing to pursue our degrees whileresiding far away from our families and loved ones. Such a feat isundeniably challenging and should not be taken lightly. The decision to spreadour wings and pursue our education demonstrates our bravery and maybe also ourcraziness.  We have seen SolBridge go through amajor transition,and we graduates have been a part of that transition ourselves. Through the establishment of clubs,taking on roles as mentors and representatives, and much more, WE, without evenrealizing it, have actively fostered a more positive and inclusive environmentfor our junior peers and incoming students. By sharing our cultures, religions, andculinary skills, mostly in the SolGeo kitchen, we have made sure to alwayseducate each other, open each other's eyes, and help each other grow. Having witnessed these positivechanges, we are now boarding our next journey with confidence. Do not forget that we are a class offighters. Not only did we "fight" forsleeping spots on the 6th and 8th floors, we also fought to make it on time toSolGeo’s curfew, fought at sports day against other departments but mostimportantly, we also fought our way through the pandemic. “Amidst the pandemic, we came to aprofound realization of the importance of human connection, and this sharedexperience brought us even closer together. We not only relied on each other ata time when everything seemed dark, but we also found our way going throughsemester after semester in front of the screen, adapting to the virtual world.  Most importantly, we learned that whatreally matters lies in the relationships we have established and the attitudewe choose to embrace.  As we reflectupon our four years, it is these relationships--the individuals who havebeen a part of our journey and education that will occupy our thoughts andmemories.” Among these individuals are theclassmates with whom we engaged in spirited debates during Professor Swanepoel'scritical thinking class, the roommates we lived together with in Solgeo, andthe cherished friends who have become an integral part of our lives-some ofwhom we may even consider as our chosen family. Throughout our university journey, we have been immersedin countless interactions, we have challenged each other, supported each otherand most of all we have learned how to respect and love each other. If there is one thing I can confidentlysay, it is that I have no regrets.Choosing to come to SolBridge and studyalongside all of you has been the best decision I have made. I would like to take a moment to express my heartfeltgratitude, especially to Professor Choi from CDC, Professor 0|강록,Professor Swanepoel, Professor Annemari, Bob, my fellow SolBridge friends andlastly my parents that are here today for their countless support even when itmeant me moving to the other side of the world.Even though 4 years are not considered long, thememories and lessons that we have learned will last us for a lifetime. We havebecome better people by learning side by side, sharing ideas, and by mixing ourbackgrounds and cultures. Some of you might go back to your homecountries, some might stay, and some might not even know yet where theirjourney will lead them, but one thing is certain: we will continue ourjourney with a bigger global heart than when we first arrived at SolBridge. We are the class that is already makingsmall changes toward a more inclusive world, and we are just getting started. On behalf of the graduating class ofspring 2023,I want to thank SolBridge for encouraging us to challenge ourselves: Joiningcompetitions, workshops, clubs, and many more.  SolBridge has shown us how great we canbe if we dare to take the first step, take the first initiative to reach outand dare to love.   My dear fellow graduating students! Let's ensure that our encounters wereNOT in vain.Let's strive to make an impact with theglobal perspective we gained at SolBridge, Let's make sure to go into our nextjourney with the confidence that we can make a positive change. Because we can.And, lastly, let's make a promise thatwe all will keep in touch.  Thank you.”Hanne Hopp: BBA Valedictorian, Class of Spring 2023 


  • 우송대 학과소개 | 솔브릿지국제경영대학">우송대 학과소개 | 솔브릿지국제경영대학


  • [2023학년도 재학생 유튜브 경진대회] 솔브릿지국제경영학과 Diana Zhanakulova 학생 수상작">[2023학년도 재학생 유튜브 경진대회] 솔브릿지국제경영학과 Diana Zhanakulova 학생 수상작


  • [2023학년도 재학생 유튜브 경진대회] 솔브릿지국제경영학과 Liyana Putri 학생 수상작">[2023학년도 재학생 유튜브 경진대회] 솔브릿지국제경영학과 Liyana Putri 학생 수상작


  • Woosong Sports Day 2023">Woosong Sports Day 2023

      From May 3-4,2023, Woosong University hosted one of the year's most anticipated events,Sports Day – an inter-departmental sports Competition. This event broughtSolBridgers together as they participated in various activities, including,Football, dodgeball, relay race, the tug of war, or cheered on participants.SolBridge achieved a second-place overall finish amongstother departments, and we're proud to say that we won 1st place in threesports, including Football, Infinity Jumping Rope, and Relay Race. Our Basketballand Dodge ball teams also came in second place. We want to give a specialshoutout to SolBridge FC for winning the Woosong President's Cup championshipafter a long and challenging journey through the tournament. With their hardwork and perseverance, the team had a landslide victory with a score of 9-0against the Sports Health Rehabilitation Department. This is the first timeSolBridge has won the championship since 2011. During the event, SolBridge was the most numerous andrespectful group, showing off their team spirit and togetherness. It was agreat representation of SolBridge's excellence, not only in academic andbusiness competitions, but also in sports and cultural diversity. We want tothank the 15th SolBridge Student Council for coordinating the teams and theentire SolBridge community for their support. It was truly a team effort, andwe couldn't be prouder of our SolBridge community!  


  • SolBridge Students win the Most Innovative Scaling Idea at the 2023 Global Scaling Challenge">SolBridge Students win the Most Innovative Scaling Idea at the 2023 Global Scaling Challenge

     We are thrilledto announce that a group of SolBridge students, composed of Gonzales PamelaWinda(Master), Matteo Zanini (BBA), Ngoc Nguyen (BBA), and ZhyldyzaiMuratbekova(BBA), has won a cash prize for the most Innovative Scaling Idea atthe 2023 Global Scaling Challenge (GSC). Organized by the Anderson School ofManagement at the University of New Mexico, this competition challenges studentteams and mentors to understand and solve complex scaling needs and challengesthat firms face in a diverse environment.The Challengeoffers participating teams and mentors a unique opportunity to understand andsolve complex scaling needs and challenges that firms face operating in ahighly diverse environment. Expert-led student teams present their ideas tothese firms and judges in a live internet-based format. This year'scompetition was incredibly challenging, with 35 teams from 25 universitiescompeting in the Regional Qualifiers and only 21 teams making it to the finalstage. However, the SolBridge team presented their innovative ideas to scale uptwo companies in the space industry, impressing the judges and winning the 'TheMost Innovative Scaling Idea' prize.Mentored byProf. Roger Royo and Prof. Ronny Estrella, this achievement is a testament tothe dedication of the SolBridge Startup Center to prepare and mentor studentsto excellence and innovation. We are incredibly proud of the team's hard work,dedication, and exceptional performance. Congratulations on a well-deservedprize! 


  • SolBridge Debate Society Claims World Novice EFL Championship">SolBridge Debate Society Claims World Novice EFL Championship

     SolBridgeDebate Society (SDS) has once again shown their excellence by winning the WorldNovice Debating Championship (WNDC) in the EFL (English as a Foreign Language)category. SDS A, represented by Aikokul Abdivalieva, Nguyen Quoc Trung Duc, andZhyldyzai Muratbekova, emerged as the tournament champions held on March 25-26,which featured novice debaters from various countries across the globe.Debated inAsian Parliamentary (AP) format, each round had two teams of three members. Thetournament saw participants from countries such as South Korea, Malaysia, thePhilippines, India, Macau, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. SDS A advanced to theelimination rounds as the top-ranked EFL team after a rigorous preliminaryround. In the EFL Grand Finals, they went head-to-head with Kyunghee Universityof South Korea, securing a unanimous decision to be crowned the World NoviceEFL Champions.The SDS teamshowed individual brilliance as well, with Aikokul Abdivalieva earning theGrand Finals Best Speaker and 4th EFL Best Speaker awards, while Nguyen QuocTrung Duc was awarded 5th EFL Best Speaker.We congratulateSDS on their latest triumph, which underscores the legacy of excellenceestablished by the society against top institutions.We alsocongratulate Professor Chris Jo for coaching the team and Professors JoshuaPark and Danielle Swanepoel for their advisory support for SDS. 


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