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Platinum Lecture XXXXIII: Succeeding in Life and Business as a Global Nomad

Category : | Writer : Jeffrey Miller | Date : 2017.09.18 | Hit : 6,633


SolBridge’s Platinum Lecture Series kicked off the Fall 2017 Semester with an inspiring lecture by Mr. Iain Jamieson, the Korea and Mongolia country manager for Visa.

Jamieson, who’s been with Visa for over twenty-two years, shared his life story about how he came to end up in Korea as well as advice for students to succeed in today’s competitive business world.

One of the more interesting points made during his presentation was when he outlined the convergence of technology and social media and how companies like Visa have to adapt.

“It’s the biggest social change in hundreds of years,” he said, “and it’s impacting everything.”

Of course, he was referring to the millennial generation and how this generation is the recipient of this convergence and how their social media savvy and technology acumen presents challenges to companies like Visa who fear the relevance of its brand.

However, the highlight of his presentation was when he outlined six principles, or soft skills that have helped him achieve success: lead by example, communicate openly, inspire others, excel with partners, act decisively, and collaborate.

“You have to be a role model,” he said about the importance of leading by example. “You have to be passionate about your business.”

He also emphasized the importance of teamwork in as part of inspiring others to excel.

“Grow the team,” he said. “Everyone should have a voice.”

Jamieson shared some other tips that could help students right now—from the importance of having mentors to volunteering and possessing excellent public speaking skills.

“Manage your career,” he said. “Find a mentor and let them help you.”

He also suggested that one should emulate others and seek out people who inspire—all of which can help mold and shape their careers.

And finally, he offered some practical advice for students preparing for their first job interviews.

“Prepare for the interview. Research, the company. Find out who runs the company,” he said. “I hired one candidate on the spot because she knew how much our earnings were for the last quarter. She was the only one of all the candidates who interviewed for the position who knew the answer.”




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