Developing Competitive Leaders

Master in Management
& Technology

Program Details

  • Intake / Spring & Fall


    Spring & Fall

  • Duration / 22 months


    22 months

  • Credits / 45



  • Format / Full-time



  • Location / Daejeon, South Korea


    Daejeon, South Korea

  • Language / English



The MIMT Relevance


Today’s corporate environment increasingly faces the challenge of hiring managers and analysts whose knowledge
and experience connects daily management and technology. We see efficient managers and tech experts, but the
world needs professionals who can understand the challenges of both sides and work them as one.
Identifying this gap on the market, the Master in Management & Technology program was built to educate
individuals to be truly double-skilled, so that they can identify risks and opportunities up-front having an accurate
view of all processes.

About the Program


The Master in Management & Technology (MIMT) program is designed to meet graduates regardless
if their interdisciplinary background had an introduction to technology or if they are rooted in pure management studies.
Students will be equally prepared to reach the same goal: to become a skilled business leader with a profound understanding of technical knowledge.

The program is divided into two main stages; First, core courses with fundamental business concepts,
while the second stage has electives balancing advanced management and technology subjects.
The curriculum is structured to provide a unique blend of strong conceptual foundations and practical skills.
It allows the student to become a well-balanced manager equipped with technical and managerial competencies.

MIMT Goals

  • Allow technology major students to acquire management expertise & Lead management students towards technology principles and techniques;

  • To be grounded on SolBridge’s Masters ACT concept: Action learning, Creativity & Thought leadership. Offering to students an action-oriented and hands-on education.

  • Craft complete professionals,
    with both managerial and technological skills;

  • Develop a mindset where professionals are able to
    assess the situation and make inclusive decisions,
    considering wide aspects of a business;


Double-Skills & Double-Experience


Be part of a program that offers deep learning in management and technology, studying at SolBridge:
an international business school in the heart of South Korea, connecting the Korean atmosphere with a worldwide experience.
Located in Daejeon, SolBridge is considered the most multicultural institute in the whole country.
It has students from South Korea and other 66 nationalities, offering an exceptional opportunity for networking, and professional & personal growth.

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