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  • SolBridge Hosts MBA Immersion Program and Linguistics Camp

    Keeping in tandem with SolBridge’s mission to educate the next generation of Asian thought leaders, SolBridge, in conjunction with the Global Center, hosted two special programs for students from Kazakhstan:

  • Fall 2014 Welcome Convocation

    The dictionary defines convocation as a large formal assembly which has been called together for a specific purpose; the origins of the word convocation come from the late 14th century, from the Latin word convocationem, from convocare “to call together,” from com- “together” plus vocare “to call,” from vox “voice.”

  • SolBridge Debate Society Hosts Summer Debate Camp

    The SolBridge Debate Society, which has been making itself heard around Northeast Asia in various competitions, added another accolade to their resume by hosting a successful five-day debate camp for middle and high school students.

  • SolBridge Hosts Summer Language Camp

    SolBridge’s mission statement of “Educating the Next Generation of Asian Thought Leaders” manifests itself in many ways from Asian expertise and creative management to social responsibility. For 210 students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan they also got to experience another part of the school’s mission statement—cross-cultural competence—by working on their English language skills during a three-week English Language Camp.

  • Summers are Busy at SolBridge

    Summers are a busy time at SolBridge. In addition to students taking various summer courses so they can graduate early—to get a jump on finding jobs compared to other students—summers are also quite busy with various camps and immersion programs for students from around the world.

  • Models of International Business Education
    • Name Dr. Ira Weiss
    • Position Dean at the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University
    • Topic Models of International Business Education

    What exactly is an International Business Education? Is it simply studying at an institution overseas? Does it mean studying business in a different language? Is it about gaining global experience while studying overseas?

    The answers to these questions were the nucleus of SolBridge’s last special lecture of the spring semester when Dr. Ira Weiss, Dean at the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University talked about the different models of International Business Education, their pros and cons as well as the ones which he believes are the best models.

  • Do You Have a Service Mind?
    • Name Mr. Chang-Geun Lee
    • Position Senior Manager of Lotte Hotel
    • Company Lotte Hotels & Resorts

    First-year Seminar students, the general student population and faculty were treated to a very special lecture by Mr. Chang-Geun Lee, Senior Manager of Lotte Hotel who offered insights into Lotte’s success in the hospitality industry.

    “There is no impossible,” Lee said. “If you just move the apostrophe, you come up with ‘I’m possible.”

  • You Must Market Yourself!
    • Name Mr. William “Trey” Freeman
    • Position Managing Director of AIG Global and President of AIG Korean Real Estate Development
    • Company AIG

    If you want to succeed in today’s competitive business world, you have to stay sharp and market your skills to competitive.

    This was the advice given by Mr. William “Trey” Freeman, Managing Director of AIG Global and President of AIG Korean Real Estate Development during a Platinum Lecture at SolBridge in May.

  • The SolBridge Debaters Experience out of South Korea

    At the beginning of July, members of the SolBridge Debate Society attended two workshops, one in Ningbo (China) and the other in Hong Kong. SDS is one of the most popular clubs in SolBridge, yet not many people are aware what they actually do while they are out of the country. 

  • The SolBridge Debate Society Shines Again

    On the last weekend of June, members of the SolBridge Debate Society (SDS) attended the SNUDA IV Debating Tournament which was hosted by the Seoul National University Debate Association. And once again, the SolBridge Debate Society had an excellent showing while competing with some of the best debaters in East Asia.

  • All the Right Moves

    If you happened to be anywhere on the third floor of SolBridge on Tuesdays this semester, those sounds you heard coming from the gymnasium where the sounds of a Taekwondo class conducted by our very own Taekwondo specialist and master, Dr. Chong-woong Kim.

  • Three SolBridge Professors Selected as Honorary Envoys

    Recently, three SolBridge professors were appointed as Honorary Envoys by the Korean government for Korea’s public diplomacy.

  • Case Study Competition

    Additional Info
    • Title Case Study Competition
    • Date September
    • Time
    • Venue SolBridge
  • Clubs Expo

    Additional Info
    • Title Clubs Expo
    • Date September
    • Time
    • Venue SolBridge
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